Tom Sheppard

Tom Sheppard is a strength coach and competitive powerlifter. As a competitor, Tom broke European and World Records as a Junior and now runs a large UK-based powerlifting team. Follow on Instagram

TJ Kuster

TJ Kuster is a certified athletic trainer (ATC) and certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS), specializing in mobility and injury prevention. He coaches at Method Sports Performance in Bloomington, IL.

Tim Henriques

Tim Henriques has been a competition powerlifter for over 20 years. He was a collegiate All American Powerlifter with USA Powerlifting. In 2003 Tim deadlifted 700 pounds (at 198), setting the Virginia State Record. Follow Tim Henriques on Facebook

Tim Hendren

Tim Hendren, CSCS, has been training clients for 13 years in Baltimore, MD. Tim is a body composition and strength specialist. He also has extensive experience working with patients in cardiac rehab. Follow Tim Hendren on Twitter

Tim Arndt

Tim Arndt has been in the personal-training industry for over 15 years. Tim is a trainer, educator, and the founder of the Inland Empire Fitness Conference. Follow Tim Arndt on Facebook

Thoren Bradley

Thoren Bradley has a masters degree in exercise physiology. He has a foundation in strength and conditioning in the D-I of the NCAA and tactical sector. Thoren uses his own research and evidence-based practice to integrate all schools of learning into physique and performance enhancement. Follow Thoren Bradley on Instagram

Tessa Gurley

Tessa Gurley is the owner of Enliven Wellness, and a nerd about all things health and fitness. Tessa is currently working on her Master's in integrative medicine, and strives to empower her clients and readers so they can live their most vital lives. Follow Tessa Gurley on Facebook

Tanner Shuck

Tanner Shuck is a former Division 1A football player and accomplished CrossFit athlete. He specializes in competitive fitness, with emphasis on training absolute and relative strength. Tanner is an online coach and personal trainer based out of Dubai, UAE. Follow on Instagram

Sverre Diesen

Sverre Diesen is a Norwegian National Bench Press Champion and record holder, winning a total of 16 medals from National Bench Press and Powerlifting Championships. Sverre is also an accomplished powerlifting coach for a variety of clients including elite-level and World Champion athletes.

Susy Natal

Susy Natal is a performance coach, wellness writer, and personal trainer. She uses an integrative approach to train females for strength and physique improvement. Follow Susy Natal on Instagram

Stuart McRobert

Stuart McRobert has been writing about bodybuilding since 1981. He's the author of BRAWN and BEYOND BRAWN, and the publisher of HARDGAINER 2.0 magazine. Follow on Facebook