Editorial Guidelines

Interested in writing for T Nation?

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. T Nation publishes the latest and most advanced information for lifters interested in building muscle, strength and power. Topics include bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength and conditioning, nutrition and fat loss, and rant or humor pieces related to the lifting culture.
  2. We want only your most innovative and advanced information. If you think your article would work well in the average newsstand fitness magazine, then it’s probably not T Nation material.
  3. T Nation articles are fresh, bold, and fearless. They often ruffle feathers. So write with passion and conviction. In other words, say it like you really mean it.
  4. All authors are thoroughly vetted before publication. Advanced degrees and certifications aren’t a requirement, but real world success is. In other words, any training or diet idea you present must be an effective concept that produces real-world results.
  5. All articles submitted to T Nation must be new, original to the author, and never before published, anywhere, including blogs.
  6. We only accept articles submitted as Microsoft Word files.
  7. While we have no set article length, typical articles are 1500-2500 words. Shorter or longer articles are considered.
  8. If your article requires photos, they must be original (unaltered) and of the highest quality possible, the larger the better. Photos should be taken horizontally, not vertically.
  9. If your article requires videos, they must be at least 720p and shot horizontally. Videos cannot contain promotions or advertisements of any kind.