I believe in the basics. I believe that the simplest path is usually the best. When it comes to strength training, just master the basic movements and you'll be fine. When it comes to basic nutrition, I can't do better than what the nutritionist told us in 1980: "Protein, veggies, and water." Or like Pavel recently said, "Meat for strength, vegetables for health."

But what about everything else? In the weight room, advanced training methods and exercises certainly can help – if and only if you've addressed the simple solutions like fixing your weaknesses and having a multi-year approach to your goals. In the area of nutrition, eat your vegetables and then we can talk.

Supplementation can be simple too. Find the ones that work to solve your problem. For me, that means the supplements that help me stay in the game.

Several years ago, I lost an important championship by one point. It was the "judged" event in Highland Games and I was "judged" a different way than my competitors. As I sat there sulking in my hotel room, I had this revelation that I needed to toss out everything and start from the beginning.

Out of nowhere, Chris Shugart's insane Velocity Diet popped into my head, so when I got home I ordered enough protein and pills to make my mailman grumble about the additional workload.

I dove into the V-Diet and survived 28 days of protein shakes and capsules. My body fat level plummeted, but more importantly, my blood profiles turned around – so much so that Dr. Brunetti couldn't believe what he was reading on my charts.

For the next few years, I enjoyed the best Highland Games and discus throwing of my career. In retrospect, the V-Diet was the ultimate game changer. The way I see it, if you can go without solid food for almost a month, then worrying about throwing outside on a sunny day just isn't that big of a deal.

Not long after my experience with the V-Diet, I received an email from a noted nutritionist. He'd sent me a form with dozens of questions. The idea was to figure out what makes me tick and then modify my body and mind by adding appropriate supplementation. That way, I'd have a leg up on my competition.

When the results came back a few weeks later, they included a simple supplement suggestion. I was advised to try a very simple compound, the basis of one of the best selling drugs in the world. I looked it up, did some research, and found that it was one of the ingredients of Alpha Male®, so I started taking it.

Not long after, I began to notice that my focus had improved. I started to notice the gaps in my training and rather than trying more "this and that," I decided to simply address the things I was missing. I started targeting my weak areas and my lack of attaining equivalent standards from movement to movement.

The point is that the insights from the V-Diet (simply, you can do what you put your mind to do) and the focusing effect of Alpha Male®, I made the best progress of my life. I came back to win that Highland Games twice and throw some of my lifetime-best best distances in the discus, with much less training.


I soon began to understand another huge benefit of Alpha Male®. In my work with collision sports and collision occupations, one thing seems to ring clear – the results of these professions lead to a massive hit on the hormone levels of participants.

We were told in high school that it takes eight days for your hormone levels to recover from a tough football game, yet we played every Friday. Whether this was true never really mattered to me at the time, but I do remember having some vague thoughts about the wisdom of going into a deficit.

We all noted that as the season progressed, our acne, along with our strength levels, got worse and worse. Certainly, anabolics could have addressed the latter, but I'm simply not a fan of that option. Aside from the ethical issues, I'm just worried that there might be a link to cancer.

My mother died of cancer when I graduated from college and our whole family seems prone to cancer. Considering cancer has been the ghoul in our attic for generations, throwing a little farther or having an extra centimeter on my arms isn't worth it.

The other reason I avoid them showed its ugly head recently. On a swing through Europe, I bumped into an old throwing competitor and we started clicking off the names of all the guys who'd died before their time. My friend, a light user of steroids, told me that he couldn't believe how much our buddies had used, and regarding himself, he noted, "I worry about the damage I did to myself, too."

So I like to know where things come from in nature and I prefer to stay clean. But how do I help my collision guys literally "stay in the game"? I've been around the field of fitness and performance nutrition long enough to know some great people, and their advice on how to maintain hormonal levels in a natural manner is going to surprise you.

The recommended combination is simple:

The research on fish oil seems overwhelmingly positive. Like all fats, it supports healthy hormone levels. Likewise, the zinc in ZMA® supports Testosterone levels, and the magnesium it contains is the mineral of muscles and tends to elicit a feeling of general body relaxation.

The Vitamin D research is far older than I am, the Germans having discovered in the 1950s that it allowed athletes to train far better in the winter months. Alpha Male® puts this combination over the top with its blend of three different compounds that support Testosterone levels, both through the gonads and the hypothalamus.

The impact, for our male audience, will be clear over the first few weeks of using it. Let's just say you will be an "early riser."

I've found that with proper sleep and recovery, the basics of nutrition addressed, and a sensible training program, my collision guys begin to feel like themselves again fairly quickly. For the rest of us, my combo is an inexpensive way to keep our engines running well.

So, for me, Alpha Male® has been one of those rare supplements that's worked great and continues to work. It's very inexpensive and seems to help me with both sides of the equation – mind and body.

I use it. I recommend it to my people.

Dan John is an elite-level strength and weightlifting coach. He is also an All-American discus thrower, holds the American record in the Weight Pentathlon, and has competed at the highest levels of Olympic lifting and Highland Games. Follow Dan John on Facebook