Tip: Stop Sabotaging Yourself on Weekends

Three tips to help keep you from blowing your fat-loss diet every Saturday and Sunday. You know who you are!

Weekend Self-Sabotage

The key to sustaining a diet and losing fat? Control hunger and increase satiation without blowing your diet, especially on the weekends.

Some people can power through the cravings without caving to them, and some people don't have that kind of willpower. But this is what separates the people who make progress consistently and those who don't.

The weekends are when people struggle the most. Weekdays give us structure, but the weekend often means going out with friends or family functions. This is when you become a dieting casualty. A Saturday and Sunday of overeating can undo the previous five days of being strict on a hypocaloric diet. Stop the self-sabotage. These tips can help.

They're great at temporarily controlling your appetite. Now, I'm sure someone is going to pipe up referencing some study about artificial sweeteners and insulin, but there was also a year-long study done that showed those who used diet drinks in conjunction with their diet lost more weight than those who just drank water.

I had Diet Sunkist all the way up to my bodybuilding show and was in the low single-digit body fat range. Somehow it didn't impede my fat loss. Shocker. Zero calories didn't hurt the fat loss. Go figure.

Veggies fill you up, and you can eat a ton without blowing your diet. You'll never need to check into a fat loss clinic because of your broccoli habit. If you're attending a get-together, bring a vegetable tray that everyone hates and eat it all by yourself. After that, go to the protein sources. This at least gives you a fighting chance at not ingesting 10,000 calories at the neighbor's barbeque.

This curbs your appetite before you hit a function or eat out and it'll minimize overeating.