Tip: The New Loaded Carry. Sort Of.

Loaded carries like farmer's walks can be tough to do when the gym is packed. Try this version instead.

How To Be In Everyone's Way

Loaded carries have made their way from strongman circles into the average gym, and for good reason. Being able to do heavy carries with good form can decrease shoulder and back pain, improve posture and grip, and can improve your work capacity.

But when you see people do them, they're usually in a gym with plenty of empty, unoccupied space. If you're training out of a commercial gym, you might not have the space to do full farmer's carries. Or you'll have to dodge the cardio bunnies, the middle-of-the-gym jump-ropers, the lifters trying to get their walking lunges in, or the nearest trainer and his clients.

Instead of pissing off everyone in the 50 meter vicinity, you can do loaded marches instead.

These work the exact same muscles as standard loaded carries, but you take up a fraction of the space. You can still load up as heavy as you would for your carries, but you stay in one place. This allows you to still train that grip, develop insane core strength, and make some friends instead of enemies.

You can do these with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, or a trap bar if you're feeling frisky. Hold it from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Develop your max strength and march for 30 seconds. Want to make it more of a conditioning move? Do 4-5 rounds for 2 minutes each at the end of your workout.

Now go knock these out. Your abs, back, and deadlift will thank you.