Tip: The Gironda 45-Degree Row

Without moving your hips back and forth, get a good stretch in the lats, then pull the bar into the lower abs.

Start the movement bent over with your arms over your head (shoulders at 180-degrees of flexion if you want to get technical). Then lean back, arching the lower back, and perform a row into the lower abs.

Get the lats into a fully lengthened position, then go into a fully shorted position, and your lats will work in conjunction with the upper back. Because the elbows come in directly behind the waist, you may feel a strong peak contraction in the lower lats, which isn't a bad thing of course.

Using a ton of weight on these would be counterproductive and most likely cause you to get some of that hip-pumping action going, which you should NOT be doing.

Stretch the lats then pull with the elbows. Don't allow the hips to move back and forth. This will remove tension from the lats and upper back. If they drop down that's okay. Just leave the bump n' grind action to R Kelly.