Tip: One Exercise for Harder Punches

You shouldn't hit people. But if you HAVE to, this exercise will make it a one-punch fight.


The landmine punch mimics the straight punch. Place the bar in the landmine/angled position, assume your fighting stance, and grab it with your lead hand. Push the bar away explosively, following its path at about 45 degrees, and lower the weight back slowly.

Always remember to keep the other hand up, guarding your face, just as you would in a fight. When you're finished with the jab, switch hands and work the cross punch. In this case, the body will rotate more.

The load should be around 70 percent of your current max. Perform 3 to 4 sets of 2 to 5 reps.

Alex Chrysovergis is a self-defense instructor and strength and conditioning coach. He's the owner of Streetwise Krav Maga, the leading reality-based self-defense and fitness school in Greece. Follow on Instagram