Tip: Band-Resisted Floor Press

Here's an easy way to add accommodating resistance to the floor press using only one band. Try it out and boost your bench press PR.

To get more out of the barbell floor press, incorporate accommodating resistance by adding a band. Applied to the floor press, this creates a greater loading mechanism, which stresses the chest and surrounding muscles, joints, and nervous system.

The great thing about the band-resisted barbell floor press is the effective de-load at the bottom, limiting overloading, which will make the tension greater at the top of the movement.

To effectively perform this variation of the floor press:

  • Place the bar over the top of your thighs.
  • Place the band on your mid/lower back and under the armpits to create an angle sufficient for effective pressing.
  • Grip the bar as you would a regular bench press, engage your muscles, and press.
Kelvin King, Jr is the owner of Creative Athletic Movements, and serves as a High School Strength and Conditioning coach and consultant. Kelvin is a highly sought after strength and conditioning expert and writer who works with athletes in the Washington, DC area.  Follow Kelvin King, Jr on Facebook