Reactive Pump training produces an effect that overcomes a limitation that's plagued every training program ever written, something we all know to be true:

All training and all progress is limited by the ability to recover. The volume of work, the intensity of work, and the hours or days of rest between workouts, is determined by how efficiently and quickly your body can repair itself.

But imagine what would happen if you could work out harder, longer, and more frequently and recover every time. Imagine your body not only tolerating that type of workload, but imagine it begging for more. Muscle would, of course, respond with rapid growth. Consequently, your body's metabolism would ramp up and lead to a dramatic loss of body fat.

That's the basis of the Reactive Pump system. The Reactive Pump stimulates enhanced muscle responsiveness to growth and recovery. To achieve a Reactive Pump state, you need a combination of specialized training and an advanced workout formula, called Plazma™.

I tried the training program out on several top bodybuilders without using Plazma™ and no one could survive the first week without becoming a crippled, bedridden mess. So, please understand that Plazma™ makes doing the program possible, and the training program wouldn't exist without it. It all equates to much faster recovery, bigger muscles, and less fat.

Training in a reactive pump state stimulates enhanced muscle responsiveness to growth and recovery. So, when I use the term "reactive pump," or simply "pump," know that I'm using a new definition, application, and methodology for achieving the pump. It consists of four steps:

  1. Pre-load the bloodstream with specialized anabolic and insulinogenic nutrients contained in Plazma™.
  2. Pump and keep pumping these nutrients into pre-activated muscle to sensitize it to being highly responsive to the effects of training.
  3. Activate and stimulate fast-twitch fibers while in the Reactive Pump state.
  4. Induce, through specific exercise techniques, supra-maximal intramuscular pump volume, further engorging muscle with these high-tech nutrients.

Reactive Pump workouts contain my latest and most-advanced information for building muscle and getting lean. It's exactly what I do.

The training involves an enormous variety of unique movements that are based on advanced techniques, including accommodating resistance, static holds, partial range-of-motion reps, drop sets, explosive reps, slow-tempo reps, and jaw-dropping high-rep ranges that'll test your tolerance for pain.

Exercises are sometimes done in counterintuitive order, like squat or deadlift coming in the middle or at the end of a workout. Again, this done to take advantage of the Reactive Pump state. In fact, all exercise movements and techniques are based on pumping supra-maximal Plazma™ levels into muscle and training while in that state, ending in a near fascia-spitting pump.

Each workout is based on a 5-day split and is supported by detailed descriptions of the exercises and techniques. You'll do each training block for two weeks, before you change your workout. Program 1 lasts 12 weeks, which includes 6 workouts.

I've also designed a comprehensive diet plan specifically for the Reactive Pump training that includes a variety of calorie and menu options. I've had a lot of success managing the contest-prep diets of many competitive bodybuilders. So, I know how to manipulate food intake to get "the look" of a competitor, and this diet plan provides all of my latest information. And best of all, it's pretty simple to follow.

No longer is a muscle pump just an interesting physiological phenomenon — it now has purpose and meaning and most importantly, a highly effective muscle-building effect.

The Reactive Pump workouts are free. So, click the links below and you'll be on your way to gaining like a newbie, again.

Weeks 1-2
Weeks 3-4
Weeks 5-6
Weeks 7-8
Weeks 9-10
Weeks 11-12
Diet Options
3,400 Calories
3,600 Calories
3,800 Calories
Plazma™ Dosing Options
Specifications 3 Doses 4 Doses 5 Doses
Plazma™ Formula 195 g 260 g 325 g
Water 1,500 ml 2,000 ml 2,500 ml
Calories 630 840 1,050
Protein 45 g 60 g 75 g
Carbohydrates 113 g 150 g 188 g
Mixing Instructions for 3 Doses
1. Pour 1,000 ml of cold water into a 2,000 ml bottle.
2. Pour 195 g of the Plazma™ formula into the cold water.
3. Secure the cap on the bottle and shake vigorously for about 20 seconds, or until thoroughly mixed. If done correctly, the shaking will foam the contents of the bottle.
4. Pour in 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of Biotest® Intensified™ Flavoring and gently swirl the contents until the flavoring is thoroughly mixed throughout the foamed mixture. Allow the flavored mixture to sit and form a semi-transparent liquid. The foam should clear within 60 seconds.
5. Add enough cold water to increase the fill volume to 1,500 ml and gently swirl the contents to thoroughly mix.

Storing After Mixing: You can prepare Plazma™ mixtures up to 24 hours in advance of use, as long as you keep the prepared liquid refrigerated until ready to use.

Post-Workout Recovery: To substantially enhance recovery, consume one dose of Mag-10® (35 g) one hour after training. For the most-intense workouts, consume a second dose of Mag-10® an hour after the first dose.