Tip: Warm Up Fast and Kill It

Turn on your nervous system, increase core temp, get mobile, and kill your workout. Here's how.

This quick upper body warm-up includes active movement, activation, and mobilization. You'll need a barbell, a foam roller, and a couple of resistance bands.

Perform the following:

  • Bentover Row
  • Push-Press
  • Barbell Curl
  • Pull-Aparts
  • Foam Roller on Lats
  • Thoracic Rotations

Do all the above for two complete rounds, then grab your band for three shoulder and lat mobilization drills as shown in the video.

The mobilization will take place after we've already had the chance to increase core temperature via dynamic movement. The purpose of our mobilization isn't to put ourselves in pain. Quite the contrary. We're simply trying to prepare the primary muscle groups that will be directly involved with that day's upper-body workout.