Tip: The Guillotine Press

For chest development, do a light bench press to the neck. A good scheme is 6 sets of 6 reps with 20-second rest periods.

The guillotine press – where you bring the bar down to your neck instead of the lower pecs – is a great chest developer. But there is risk. Keep these light and under control. This is not a bench press variation to go heavy on. And don't try to set a PR! This is bodybuilding, not powerlifting.

My favorite way to use it is 6 x 6 with 20 second rest periods between sets.

Mark Dugdale is an IFBB pro bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia competitor. Mark has 22 years of experience on stage and a passion for brutal workouts. He has also produced five documentaries, participated in seminars with prison inmates, and was granted one of the last recorded interviews with Joe Weider. Follow Mark Dugdale on Twitter