Tip: The Front Squat & Deadlift Challenge

Want to get in your cardio? Skip the treadmill and get in the squat rack instead.

Use this strength training combo to lose fat and build muscle.

  • Use 135 pounds on the front squat and 225 on the deadlift.
  • Do 5 reps of each exercise in back-to-back superset fashion.
  • Repeat the superset 8 times. Rest as much as you want, but remember the clock is ticking.

You Have 10 Minutes!

The goal is to complete the test in under 10 minutes. If you go over 10 minutes, stop there and record the total number of reps. Beat it next time.


Adjust the weights according to your level of fitness. If you haven't been training like this, cut the workout in half for a few weeks. Finally, make sure you use great form before worrying about adding either speed or intensity.