Tip: Stability Ball Cable Rotation

Here the stability ball acts as a cam, providing constant, equal tension. Try this instead of cable chops for core work.

The cable chop sounds great on paper, but when it comes to the execution it's less of a core exercise and more of an arm blaster. Also, the resistance changes drastically from beginning to end.

With this method, the Swiss ball acts as a cam similar to what you'd find on a machine, giving you the feel of constant, equal tension throughout the ROM and putting that tension right where you need it.

Kurt Weber, MS, CSCS, PN-1, is a former Division-I strength and conditioning coach and Track and Field All-American. He now specializes in performance enhancement for the lifestyle athlete at a private gym in Newport Beach, CA. Kurt is also the creator of The Alpha Plan program, designed for high-stress, busy, and frequent travelers. Follow Kurt Weber on Facebook