Most lifters these days have poor shoulder and upper spinal posture caused by sitting, slouching, and staring at screens all day. But it doesn't have to be that way. Get your shoulders healthy by adding this 3-minute shoulder-specific dynamic warm-up into your daily routine. It'll improve your posture, improve your workout performance, and even build some muscle in your upper back.

This warm-up consists of three movements, all using accommodating banded resistance. We want to stimulate constant tension contractions from the stabilizing musculature of the shoulder joint here, including the rotator cuff and upper back muscles.

The Banded Shoulder Warm-Up

A1Banded Over and Back 10 reps
A2Banded Face Pull 10 reps
A3Banded Pull Apart 10 reps

Go through each of these three exercises with smooth and coordinated movements with minimal rest between. Repeat the circuit three times. If your posture resembles Quasimodo's, you can even do this tri-set three times per day.

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