Tip: Do the Motorcycle Row for Lats

Shake up your back training with two variations of this lat exercise. Here's how.

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This has become one my favorite "bodybuilding" back exercises. It's simply unparalleled when it comes to the focused development of the latissimus dorsi, with a special emphasis on the lower portion of the lats. This exercise is derived from Vince Gironda's motorcycle rowing.

The Classic Motorcycle Row

I prefer to use the same movement pattern, but with only one arm. The unilateral aspect of the movement allows for a greater activation of the HTMUs (high threshold motor units) in the lats while also facilitating a fuller range of motion.

Motorcycle Row1

The trunk angle basically inhibits the participation of the rhomboids and thus focuses the effort mostly on the lats. The key points are to really get a deep stretch of the lats in the starting position and to aim for your hips with the elbow of the pulling arm.

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