This is a great exercise to improve the size of your biceps, yet it's rarely used, mostly because it doesn't allow for a lot of weight to be lifted and some egos just can't deal with that. Also, this exercise requires perfect form and control – things the average gym-bro doesn't have.

The drag curl emphasizes the brachialis and outer portion of the biceps (the long head). The number one rule is this: squeeze extra hard at the top. Here's how to do it:

Drag Curl
  1. Start with the bar in contact with your upper thigh. Keep your shoulders, hips and knees on the same line.
  2. As you curl the weight up, bring your elbows back slightly. The bar is kept in contact with the body at all times, hence the name. You literally drag the bar up your torso.
  3. The range of motion for this exercise is shorter than a regular curl, especially if you have big arms. Compensate by squeezing extra hard in the peak contraction position.
  4. Lower the bar the same way, by keeping it in contact with the body. Both a regular and reverse grip can be used effectively.

For this exercise to work you should also use a controlled tempo. You'll need to use less weight than you typically use with a standard curl, so leave the ego in the locker room.

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