Tip: Boost Your Deadlift With This Exercise

If your deadlift gets stuck halfway up, this accessory exercise will help unstick it.

If you miss your deadlift at your knees or around mid-shin height, it's common to hammer away at RDL's, good mornings, and other variations to train your posterior chain. This can be beneficial, but without a strong upper back those supplemental lifts won't do a thing.

That's why chest-supported rows should be a staple in your program when training for a deadlift PR:

Chest-Supported Row

Likewise, strong lats, traps, and rhomboids are undervalued when training your deadlift. Increasing their strength will ensure that you can keep better mid and upper back position during your pull, especially when the bar hits mid-shin height.

Mike Sirani is a strength and conditioning coach, licensed massage therapist, and powerlifter. He works with clients to help them move, feel, look, and perform better at Pure Performance Training in Boston, MA.  Follow Mike Sirani on Facebook