Tip: Battling Ropes and Side Plank Finisher

This conditioning finisher will not only torch fat, it'll teach you to control your breathing in intense sports or workouts.

Developing the ability to control your breathing will allow you to deliver more oxygen-rich blood to your muscles, efficiently lower your heart rate and blood pressure, maintain optimal conditions at the biochemical level, and most importantly, kick some butt.

In this finisher, you'll take the next step in the integration of the abs with breathing. The side plank is a great exercise for learning how to breathe correctly. It'll place your body automatically in an advantageous position to get oxygen by using your diaphragm and abs.

How to Do It

Do as many rounds as possible of the following within a 10-minute period:

  1. Perform 30 seconds of battling ropes with any technique you want.
  2. Without rest, assume a side plank position.
  3. Rest until your heart rate drops to 130-135 beats per minute. (That's assuming you're wearing a heart monitor. If not, hold the side plank for at least 30 seconds.)
  4. Perform another round of ropes with the side plank on the opposite side.