Tip: 3 Drills to Prime Your Body for Squats

Add these drills to your warm-up on leg day for smoother, safer squats and lunges.

Lower body training is all about the interplay between stability and mobility. It requires that your spine be stabilized through movement patterns, and having just the right amount of flexibility through the hip, ankles, and knees.

These three drills will assist you in:

  1. Mobilizing normally dormant areas around your hips and lower body – the same areas that have pockets of tension that give us pain and cause incorrect movement patterns.
  2. After mobilizing and hydrating your tissues through movement, we then allow those same muscles to be activated. Now they'll assist in making sure your joints and spine can feel stable as you do squats or lunges.
  3. Rebalancing tension throughout your muscles and joints. Your body is a wide field of tension, and when certain joints and muscles get tight they suck the life out of the muscles surrounding them. This eventually leads to injury.
Cristian Plascencia is a durability coach in Austin, TX. Cristian specializes in the quality of tissue health and teaching the nervous system how to move with purpose and awareness. He currently works with collegiate and professional athletes, as well as the general population, focusing specifically on mobility and movement techniques to increase longevity and optimize performance. Follow Cristian Plascencia on Facebook