Tip: A New Way to Nail the Posterior Chain

Hit those glutes and hammies with this twist on the Romanian deadlift.

Posterior Chain

Single-leg RDLs are great, but they often fail for some lifters who have poor balance and stability around the ankle, knee, and hips. If that's you, try this setup with the landmine.

The landmine allows you to push back against it. But what makes this unique is the loading. Using plates with handle cutouts allows you to load heavier.

Not hard enough? Simply use smaller plates, go from a deficit, or add a band.

Try this out for a new way to hammer that posterior chain while still giving you the proprioceptive benefits of unilateral lifting.

Mike Over is an NASM Master Trainer and owner of Over-Achieve Fitness in Pennsylvania where he works with hundreds of everyday gym goers and athletes of all levels, both in person and remotely.

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