Tip: Deadlift – Explosive Triple from Deficit

Sub-maximal explosive deadlifts for sets of 3-5 reps are sure to boost your conventional deadlift PR.

This was a change I made that finally pushed my deadlift past the 700 range. Since I was a really crappy deadlifter I quit trying to mimic the training of guys that were built for deadlifting. My leverages dictated that I needed to train the deadlift in a way that allowed it to "come to me" in a way.

This meant training it in an explosive manner most of the time, with sub-maximal loading, and picking some spots here and there to pull in the near-maximal range. I spent most of my deadlifting work within the 70-80% range for my sets of 3-5 reps. Working sets were never more than 2.

My goal for each training block was to work up to 90% of my goal and pull it for a very explosive triple. Without fail, if I could smash 90% of my goal for a fast triple, I'd hit my goal PR later with some room to spare.