Tip: The Right Resveratrol

Boost testosterone and control estrogen with this plant compound. Just use the kind with high bioavailability. Here's what to look for.

The public knows this plant compound as the life-extending stuff found in red wine, but athletes know it for its ability to raise testosterone levels, lower estrogen, reduce fat storage, or how it makes young muscle cells grow longer and thicker.

It also lowers blood sugar in general (thus combating diabetes) and fights cancer, Alzheimer's, cardiovascular disease, and a long list of other maladies.

Plain Resveratrol

Most resveratrol supplements just contain powdered resveratrol. Unfortunately, while resveratrol generally has good absorption of about 70%, its bioavailability is still low because it's rapidly metabolized by the intestine and liver. You can drink all the resveratrol-rich red wine you want, but all you'll get is drunk.

Upgraded Resveratrol

Obviously, an effective resveratrol product needs to contain something to help with that low bioavailability, and again, the poly ethylene glycol ester gelucire does the job nicely. Rez-V™ is a top choice.