Tip: Seminar Syndrome – A Common Trainer Problem

It happens to coaches and trainers, and it can happen to you too.

I'm all for coaches taking courses to learn the nuances involved in using different tools, like suspension straps (TRX etc) and kettlebells. But you can often tell when a trainer has recently come back from taking a kettlebell or suspension training course because almost every exercise he has his clients do involves the same piece of equipment he just took the course on.

Just because you're excited about what you've learned doesn't mean that every dang exercise is made better by the implement you've been certified to coach. Nor does it mean that every client has to be run through almost every technique you learned in the course.

Kettlebell Training

The Best Equipment for the Job

If you're not a coach, then remember to use the best equipment for the job. No matter how great a training tool is, not every tool is best for all exercises. Straps and kettlebells have their place but they're not the best options for every movement pattern you're wanting to do.

And any exercise is misused when it's based more on the trainer's excitement to use it instead of what's best for the client based on their goals, abilities and preferences.