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Tip: 4 Isometric Holds You've Gotta Try

Give your relative strength a boost with these challenging bodyweight holds.

Tip: The Best Shoulder Mobility Drill Ever

If you enjoy lifting the heavy stuff, then you need this simple, effective drill.

Tip: The Broke Lifter's Home Workout

You don't need a garage full of gear for this workout. In fact, all you need is one dumbbell.

Pull-Ups for Big Guys

Here's how people who weigh about the same as a small cow can make friends with pull-ups and chin-ups.

Tip: The Beast of All Rows

Get on the ground and build your lats, shoulders, and core strength. This animal-style row is metabolically brutal and fun.

Tip: A Simple Guide to Double Progression

Stuck in a strength plateau? Try this method and smash that next PR.

6 Things They Don't Teach in Bench Press School

The bench press is one of the most technical lifts. Here are some rarely considered tips and techniques to master this tricky lift.

Tip: Master the Z-Press, Build Your Shoulders

Can't do this exercise? Troubleshoot the problems with this handy guide.

Tip: The Top 5 Weighted Carries

Want to get jacked in a hurry? Hold something heavy and walk. Here are the best ways to do it.

The Key to Continuous Muscle Growth

Here's what to do when your training plan stops working. And it will stop working.

Tip: 5 Awesome Arm Balancing Exercises

This fun form of training builds skill and core strength. Try these moves.

Tip: The Javorek Dumbbell Complex

This Olympic-lifter favorite makes for a great limited-equipment home workout. Take a look.

6 Poliquin Principles Revisited

He brought science to bodybuilding and strength training, but how do Charles Poliquin's principles hold up today?

Tip: Get Ballistic, Build Power

Get more powerful and have some fun while you do it. Try these 6 sled moves.

10 Ways to Squat: What's Best For You?

Everyone should squat. Not everyone should do the same kind of squat. Here are the best variations for YOUR body type and goal.

Tip: The Single Kettlebell Workout

Train your whole body with one piece of iron. Here's how.

Tip: The Simplest, Hardest Exercise

Check out the core exercise that'll improve every big lift.

Tip: 5 Simple Ways to Improve Grip Strength

Add a couple of these moves to your program and you'll be able to crush skulls. Or walnuts. Whatever.

Tip: 3 Steps to the Ultimate Bodyweight Push

Use these pushing progressions to work up to the most challenging exercise. You'll build a bigger chest in the process.

Tip: 3 Ways to Un-Suck Your Ab Training

Get better results in less time. Here's exactly what to do.

Full-Body Workouts That Don't Hurt

Knees, elbows, or shoulders acting up? Don't stop lifting. Just do one of these joint-friendly workouts.

Tip: The Gun Walk

Build your biceps, forearms, and grip strength with this fun challenge. And by fun we mean excruciating.

The Exercise Every Single Lifter Needs

Stop calling it an accessory exercise. This should be a staple for any goal: size, strength, athleticism, or structural balance.

Tip: How to Finally Nail Your Rear Delts

Here's how to fix your posterior delt issue with a barbell.

Tip: Master the Classic Jefferson Deadlift

Looks weird, but it'll nail your inner thighs and posterior chain. Check out the video here.