The Intelligent & Relentless Pursuit of Muscle™
Warrior Nerds Fight Back 2

Restore Your Faith

Buck Up!

Academically Recognized

Keep Being Politically Incorrect!

Wind Tunnel Nerds

Proud To Be A Warrior Nerd

T-Man at Heart

Scholarly Detective

I’m A Gifted T-Nerd, Just Ask Me

Muscular Dude

Warrior Nerds Online

No Time To Sleep

Like Being Called A Nerd

Get More Smarts Early

Not Afraid To Be Smart

I See Morons

Hard Lifting Electrical Engineer

Nerds On Fire

Taking Care Of Business

Living, Working, School Balancing Act

Nerd Honor Roll

Stable Nerds

Overcoming Obstacles

Scientist Nerd

Conspiracy Theory Nerds

I’m A Big Warrior Nerd

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