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The Top 5 Ugliest Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders are by nature ugly. That's why we all started lifting weights, right? To make up for our facial shortcomings? Okay, maybe that's just us.

Anyway, take bodybuilding to the top levels, add buckets of growth hormone to further misshape their noggins and distort their frightful mugs, and you get some fugly mother-truckers.

Here's our list of the ugliest bodybuilders of all time. Warning: Hide the kiddies and all females prone to feinting spells.

1. Markus Ruhl: Markus is so ugly he goes to the vet, not the doctor.

2. Don Ross: Poor Don sat in the sand once and an army of cats tried to bury him.

3. Paul Dillett: Went to a haunted house as a kid and came out with an application.

4. Greg Kovacs: Greg is so ugly his mama had to get drunk just to breastfeed him.

5. Every top level female bodybuilder in history (save Sharon Bruneau, Cory Everson, and Anja Langer.)

Did we miss any? Nominate your ugly contest picks below!


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