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Beware the Master DebaterToday

The newest internet expert disregards in-the-trenches wisdom from big, successful lifters and coaches. He's great at debating, but not so great at building muscle. Do you even lift, bro?


More Muscle in 10 Minutes A DayToday

With just a kettlebell and a home pull-up bar you can easily increase your training frequency and pack on some new muscle.


Bigger, Better GlutesYesterday

The hip thrust is the go-to move for building athletic speed and power, in addition to building a great butt.


How To Build A Tight, Rock-Hard Waist04/18/14

Shrink your waist, maximize strength, and crush the big lifts with these core training techniques.


Masochistic Mechanical Drop Sets04/17/14

To bring up hard-to-grow muscle groups, use mechanical drop sets instead of straight sets. Here are 8 painful ways to do it.


Back Squats Vs. Box Squats04/16/14

The box squat doesn't get all that much respect, but in this match-up, it's the Rocky Balboa of the squat world.


The Bulking Diet Delusion04/15/14

No male needs to get above 12% body fat to gain muscle at an optimal rate. A "dirty bulk" will just wreck your body over the long haul.


In Defense of CrossFit04/14/14

For all its flaws, CrossFit has done wonders for fitness. It's time we give credit where credit is due, even if CrossFitters are kinda annoying.


P90X and Muscle Confusion: The Truth04/11/14

You may not be doing P90X, but plenty of your schmuck friends are. Let them read this and save them from mediocrity.


The 185 Rep Squat Workout04/10/14

Climb out of that training rut and challenge your muscles and mental fortitude with these old-school squat workouts.


How to Build Bulletproof Shoulders04/09/14

Build indestructable shoulders with landmine presses, unique overhead carry variations, and much more.


Eating Clean vs. Orthorexia04/08/14

Every generation of bodybuilders has its unfounded fear of certain foods. The current generation takes the cake.


The Death of Steady State Cardio04/07/14

Endurance work makes you soft and weak. Steady state cardio, as a fat loss tool, should be buried. Metabolic interval training or HIIT is far superior.


Bench Press More in 4 Weeks04/04/14

To bench more weight, bench more often, practice pauses, train the bottom part of the press, and have a smart plan.


Building a Superhuman Core04/03/14

Meatheads say, "Just squat and deadlift, bro. That's all the core training you'll ever need." Too bad they're wrong.


8 x 2 and Hybrid Density Training04/02/14

When just slapping extra weight on the bar fails, you need to look at effective ways to increase volume or density.


Dieting: A Rant04/02/14

Have you ever had to go out to eat with a group of people while you're on a strict diet? Dave Tate feels your pain.


The Best Exercises. Period.04/01/14

The absolute best movements for fat loss, maximum power, chest development, overall strength, and more.


The Belt and the Deadlift03/31/14

Chances are you're using the wrong belt when you deadlift. Worse yet, you may not even know why or how to use it.


5/3/1 and Reactive Pump Hypertrophy03/28/14

Two killer training programs. Two beastly coaches. But which plan will work best for your goals?