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Total Body Strength

| Today

Use irradiated tension with front squats, planks, lateral raises, and split squats to build full body strength and testicular fortitude.

How Natural Is Natural Bodybuilding?

| Yesterday

Our undercover pro exposes the truth about drug-free bodybuilding contests. Yes, it's as bad as you think.

5 Insane Biceps and Triceps Workouts

| 07/22/14

Do a different one of these extremely high-volume finishers every fourth day and you won't need to do any additional biceps or triceps training.

A Lifter's Guide to Alcohol

| 07/21/14

What impact does drinking have on your physique and performance goals? How does alcohol affect testosterone, estrogen, HGH, and cortisol? The answers here.

10 Principles For Better Programming

| 07/18/14

The best training programs have ten principles in common. Is your lifting plan up to snuff?

Total-Rep Training

| 07/17/14

It's the perfect auto-regulatory program: Do as many sets as necessary to hit a total of 25 reps with your 5-6RM. Then drop the resistance and rep out.

A New Way to Deadlift

| 07/16/14

Blast through your deadlift PR while building new mass on your upper back with Anderson deadlifts.

Breast Implants For Girls Who Lift

| 07/15/14

Everything a weight-lifting woman ever wanted to know about breast implants but was afraid to ask.

8 Reasons You're Still Weak or Fat

| 07/14/14

Get set to have a lot of conventional wisdom about training and diet tossed out the window. Let the flaming and "yeah-but" arguments begin!

Nailing the Overhead Press

| 07/11/14

Successful overhead pressers lift with violence and hate. Here's all the technique cues you need to add to that aggression, plus a complete overhead press program.

4 Myths About Female Glute Training

| 07/10/14

There's a right way and a wrong way to build your butt. Here's how to develop the perfect glute-ham tie-in.

How to Increase Your Pull-Up Power

| 07/09/14

High-rep pull-ups are cool, but you'll stagnate and bang yourself up if you keep chasing volume. Instead concentrate on adding weight.

Fast Abs: 4 Fat-Burning Finishers

| 07/08/14

Get your abs back fast with one simple diet tip and four grueling fat-burning finishers performed a few times per week.

Break 3 Rules, Build More Muscle

| 07/07/14

Partial reps, isolation exercises, high rep sets: All "bad" in the eyes of performance and strength coaches, but all very effective for building slabs of muscle.

The Toughest Way to Do a Set

| 07/04/14

One rep, three phases. This overload method will not only challenge you, it'll pack muscle on your weakest body parts, fast!

The Not-So Ugly Truth About Gluten

| 07/03/14

Tens of thousands of people gave up gluten and started feeling better, only it's starting to look like it wasn't gluten that was causing the problems.

The Strong Bodybuilder Program

| 07/02/14

A program that combines strength-building compound movements with insane muscle-growing giant sets and multiple intensity techniques.

Running Doesn't Suck

| 07/01/14

Why are people listening to fat guys who squat 800 pounds but can barely move? The truth is, running (not jogging) has a host of benefits to the weight lifter.

Planned Brutality

| 06/30/14

There are plenty of ways to ratchet up the intensity of a set, like forced reps, Tom Platz iso-holds, and rest/pause sets, but you need to apply them in two-week waves.

CrossFit and Starting Strength

| 06/27/14

Most training programs will deliver results, but are those the results you really want? Let's look at two popular methodologies.

7 Mind Hacks for Gym Dominance

| 06/26/14

Once your physical skills are well-developed, strategic psychology may be the greatest weapon in your arsenal.

Hang Clean For Total Body Power

| 06/25/14

How do you train nearly 200 muscles in your body with one, easy to learn lift? You perform the hang clean. Here's the simple way to do it.

10 Mistakes Women Make With Diets

| 06/24/14

Women like to say abs are made in the kitchen. Then why do so many struggle in that area? Here's where they're going wrong with their diets and how they can fix them for long-term leanness.

BOSU Ball: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

| 06/23/14

Unstable surface training makes you slower, weaker, increases the incidence of some injuries, and really doesn't do anything to improve your balance.

The Daily Squat Cure

| 06/20/14

A single "squat day" isn't going to cut it anymore. Bring up your Olympic lifts by starting every workout with squats.