Tip: The Superset For New Chest Growth

Pair these two exercises together for a pec-popping challenge.


Chest training gotten stale? Here's a superset that'll change that.

Both exercises will leave your pecs screaming with tension in both the shortened and lengthened position. And before anyone asks, yes, you can do these exercises separately if you train in a sardine-packed commercial gym where supersets are impractical.

This is great for establishing a solid mind-muscle connection in just a few reps. You're able to get your chest stretched at the bottom while it fully shortens at the top.

  • Start with your hands pronated.
  • Lower your chest as you rotate your hands into a semi-supinated position.
  • Brace and keep stable as you push up.
  • Pronate your arms together and squeeze your chest at the top.

This compound exercise isolates the pecs. It allows you to overload both lifting phases, especially the eccentric which often doesn't get enough action (unless special techniques are used). This overloading of the eccentric has also been shown to help with tightness and flexibility as well (1).

The incline position also allows you to bias the upper chest (clavicular head) a bit more.

  • Start by doing a cable press.
  • Then slowly transition to a flye position.
  • Release slowly as you let the fibers stretch under tension.
  • Reset and repeat.

Apply progressive overload on both of these exercises in the 8-15 rep range and your chest will puff up like a balloon. These two exercises can be done at the beginning, middle, or end of your workout. Don't overthink it. Just get stronger.

  1. Aquino, Cecília F, et al. "Stretching versus Strength Training in Lengthened Position in Subjects with Tight Hamstring Muscles: a Randomized Controlled Trial." Manual Therapy, U.S. National Library of Medicine, Feb. 2010, www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19632878.