Most people know about the cable pull-through, but they don't do it often enough, if at all. That's probably because it looks weird. It looked silly the first time I saw someone doing it, and the first time I did it in a commercial gym, some of my buddies actually started laughing!

Today, with the glute-building craze, looking silly should no longer be a problem. Still, most people seem to favor glute bridges and hip thrusts over the pull-through.

The cable pull-through will improve your hip hinge and build your glutes. It's simple, effective, and comes with a very low risk of getting injured. Possible side benefits include improved technique in the deadlift, more stability during leg training, and improved sprint and jump performance.

The pull-through is best trained within a high rep range and moderate load – 12 reps or more per set. Pump up the volume with this one.

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