Tip: The Biggest Mistake Lifters Make

If your main goal right now is to build strength, avoid this common mistake.

Appreciate Individuality

One of the biggest mistakes novice and intermediate lifters make is that they see one really strong guy and think they should be doing all the things he did to arrive there. But this is true only to an extent.

The really strong guy learned the basics of good technique, but he also gravitated towards things that intuitively worked well for him as an individual. These unique things can't be replicated with the same success.

In fact, the strongest people share one very common trait, outside of things like genetics and work ethic. They have a strong intuition of what will and won't work for them. It's an innate ability that makes them gravitate towards the types of movements and set/rep schemes that will work for them. They have the ability to manipulate even the smallest training changes that push them past plateaus.

While the strongest people on the planet have some things in common, they also have a ton of differences, and they had to figure out what would work for them.

Caution: Jumping from workout to workout, believing there's some holy grail out there, is a great way to go nowhere fast. So the catch is that you commit to different things but experiment as well. You'll eventually find what speaks to your training soul, while still benefitting from the philosophies that have stood the test of time.

You then manipulate little variables to see how they affect your training performance, and how much you like them. Liking something in training is a major component in getting better. Because if you don't like your girlfriend or boyfriend very much, you're probably not going to be tagging them in memes and touching their butt a whole lot. Training isn't a lot different.