Tip: Squat + Calf Raise

Use this exercise combo with higher reps (8 or more) to build your calves and boost athletic performance.

Adding in a calf raise after every squat rep is a small tweak that can make a big change to the intensity of your squat workouts through more lower-body muscle involvement.

Coaching Tips

  • Squats work great "as is," which is why we don't always add in the extra calf raise. But we do like to sprinkle in a few sets here and there to spice up squat workouts.
  • We've found that using sets of 8-plus reps works best here since the loading potential is somewhat limited by what your calves can lift.
  • When using the calf raise at the end of each squat, we coach our athletes to explode up (out of the bottom) as if they're going to jump. Giving our athletes a movement-oriented task helps with timing and rhythm as opposed to "squat first, then raise your heels."