Tip: Simplify the Deadlift

Everything you need to know about the deadlift in one sentence. Really. Check it out.

The deadlift is the most basic, obvious movement in barbell training, the one with the most carryover to everyday tasks and the easiest to learn of all the basic exercises. I can teach you how to perform a perfect deadlift in one (admittedly long) sentence:

You just step up to the bar with a vertical-jump stance width, with toes out and your shins about an inch from the bar, grab it just outside your stance with your knees still straight, then bend your knees forward and out a little bit until your shins touch the bar, squeeze your chest up until your back is flat, take a big breath, and drag the bar up your legs until you're standing up straight.

Deadlift Figure

See? One sentence describes the whole thing. A good instructor can help you with the details of course, but our one-sentence deadlift instruction carries a lot of important information. If it's followed correctly and intelligently, it'll result in a perfect deadlift every time.