Tip: Blast Fat with the Kettlebell Squat Ladder

This is tough and it'll leave you gasping for air. In other words, you'll love it. Check it out.

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This isn't your typical walk of shame because the kettlebell front-squat walking ladder is a workout in itself. The load of the kettlebells in the rack position of each arm makes it difficult to breathe upwards in a faulty fashion. Instead, you must use belly breathing as your heart rate elevates with every set of squats. Here's what it looks like.

Walking Kettlebell Squat Ladder

  1. Set up for a front squat with the kettlebells in the rack position.
  2. Perform 5 squats.
  3. With the kettlebells remaining in the rack position, walk 15 to 20 yards.
  4. Perform 4 squats.
  5. Walk back to the starting position, again with the kettlebells in the rack position.
  6. Perform 3 squats.
  7. Continue in this fashion until you perform 1 squat.