Years ago when I read articles I used to read every word. I'd try to devour it all.

After years of reading, I discovered most of the article's were just filler and there were usually just a a few good points worth absorbing. While these points were often very good, I really didn't need the other crap.

I'm sure many readers love that stuff, but I no longer have time to sit and read like I used to and would rather just have the article get to the point. Then I'll decide if I can use it or not.

When I sat down to write this my intention was to have zero filler and just get right to the point, tip, or meat of the article. I also found when I didn't have to try and support and build up everything, it was easier to compile the stuff people wanted to read.

What you have here is a list of things I've picked up from many different people over the years. As I went back and read this list I also realized that most of these tips came from people I trained or competed with. In short, this was all learned in the gym. So if you need support and references, then here's my reference:

"The Gym"

It is what it is...

That's it. Almost no filler. Almost no crap.

Dave Tate