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Tip: How to Make the Step-Up Work Better

Hint: It's all about your toes. Try this out on leg day.

Tip: Twice-A-Day Training for Maximum Results

If you can find the time, hitting two workouts in one day can bring major results... if it's planned properly. Here's how to do it.

Tip: Don't Do Straight Sets

Want to fire up your nervous system and stay strong from set to set? Try this method.

Tip: Use GVT to Build Muscle Fast

Can you really gain 10 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks with German Volume Training? Many people have. Here's how to do it.

Tip: Do Fixation-Insertion Super Sets for Biceps

This is brutal. And smart. But mainly brutal. And it'll trigger biceps growth like nothing else. Check it out.

Tip: For Biceps Growth, Do Negative-Only Curls

Grab a training partner for this combo of heavy lifting and slow, painful, size-inducing eccentrics.

Tip: Build Your Calves With This Superset

Chances are, you've never tried this! Check it out.

Final Solutions for Frustrated Lifters: Arms

Charles Poliquin answers your questions about arm training. Check it out.

Question of Strength 49

In this installment, King Charles shows you how to build lats so wide they block the sun and explains how to sleep like a rock and wake up with a boner.

Question of Strength 48

Sir Charles reveals why you see so many crappy exercises in muscle mags, the best and worst lifts for athletes, and how to separate winners from losers before the race even starts.

Question of Strength 47

King Charles throws down on CrossFit (again!), loaded ab training, getting max results in minimum time, and why swimmers resemble epileptic penguins.

Question of Strength 46

Poliquin answers your questions about twice per day training, carbs for endurance athletes, the best time of day to train and much more. Check it out.

Question of Strength 45

Can you do high reps for hypertrophy? Is the leg press worth a damn? Should tall guys squat? Is there really a way to target the "upper" and "lower" pecs? Answers to these and more!

Question of Strength 44

The true Master Blaster fields questions on cheat curls, how much protein we should be ingesting, overhead squats, forearm work, and a nifty little bit of neurological trickery called "scapjacks."

Question of Strength 43

This month, Monsieur Poliquin answers questions about training splits, the efficacy of leg extensions, occlusion training, the supposed need for flax oil, how to make yourself more vascular, how to do more pull-ups, and lots more.

Question of Strength 42

Coach Poliquin answers your questions about body fat percentage and abs, building arms, cortisol, and much more. Check it out.

Questions of Strength 41

The true Master Blaster discusses planks, high reps for legs, determining your 1-RM without killing yourself, backward rep counting, bad-ass Beta Alanine, building big arms, losing your pump, and the glories of buffalo meat.

Question of Strength 40

The true Master Blaster pontificates on shoulder training, adding muscle without putting on fat, BCAA's, whole eggs vs. egg whites, hot Asian chicks, recruiting more motor units, dumb exercises, bar speed, and his inability to love. (We made up that last one.)

Question of Strength 39

The real Master Blaster describes the best ab exercise (it may surprise you), whether or not the barbell bench press is overrated, and how the number of years you've been training dictates how often you should change your program.

The Super-Accumulation Program

Most people shouldn't even try it. It's not for them. It very likely isn't for you. You can't handle it. Check it out anyway.

Question of Strength 38

The real Master Blaster explains the right way to do step ups, how to develop a powerful neck, and the correct rep range for building up the hamstrings, in addition to introducing wild and wooly "shock effect" training.

Question of Strength 37

The true Master Blaster explains the one truly effective way to do shrugs, the only safe way to do upright rows, and the best way to do Smith Machine squats (if you really, really have to). Other topics include Charles' list of truly stupid exercises and how women can build a rear end that's so tasty it turns every man's head, along with quite a few women's heads, too.

Question of Strength 36

Coach Poliquin answers your questions about squats, body part splits, fasted cardio and more.

Question of Strength 35

Coach Poliquin answers your questions about box squats, low carb diets, and much more.

Question of Strength 34

Q & A with one of the world's premier strength coaches