Tip: Build Your Back With DUDS

Add double-up drop sets to your next back workout. You'll hate it... but you'll love the results.


Try this lat-dominant drop set on back day after you're done with your heavier, progressive-overload work.

Pulling For The Pump

Don't let the "DUDS" acronym fool you: they're far from a dud finisher. Pick literally any lat pulldown or pullover variation and do this:

  • Do an all-out set to failure (5 to 8 reps).
  • Cut the weight in half and double the number of reps (10 to 16).
  • Immediately cut the weight in half again and double the number of reps (20-32). If you need to take mini 10-second breaks to finish, go ahead.

I'd suggest doing it on a well-designed pullover machine.

Think of it as metabolic-stress type work, which should come at the end of a workout and only be done for ONE set. Don't abuse it! Maybe sprinkle it in every other week.