Tip: 6 Unconventional Triceps Builders

It's time to do something besides rope pushdowns for your direct triceps work. Bet you haven't tried all of these.

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JM Presses

Use this underrated accessory movement to build your triceps.

Rollback Tricep Extensions

Lay on your back on the floor and do a tricep extension. At the bottom of the movement place the dumbbells on the ground near your head.

Barbell Tricep Extensions from the Floor

Use the same movement you’d use with standing tricep extension, but laying on the floor. Allow the plates to touch the ground behind your head.

Specialty Bar Tricep Extensions from the Floor

You can use a different bar (like a football bar) to get a neutral grip, or add accommodating resistance with bands.

Band Pushdowns

Attach a band to the rig, keep your elbows tight to the body and spread it apart at the bottom. Try for 100 reps.

Reverse-Grip Banded Tricep Pushdowns

Do these pulldowns with palms facing up to hit the medial head of the triceps.