Those are the kind of reactions T-Nation readers had when we posted a photo of fitness and figure competitor Moorea Wolfe.

But who is this "perfect specimen?" How does she train? What does she eat? Will she let us drink her bathwater? We violated several restraining orders in Arizona to find out.

T-Nation: Moorea, you got started in sports and competition at a very young ago. Tell us about that.

Moorea Wolfe:

T-Nation: How did this early athletic career affect you as an adult? It seems that females with gymnastic backgrounds always grow up to have fantastic physiques.


T-Nation: You first competed in fitness at age 16, but then you ran off to join the circus, right?


T-Nation: What exactly did you learn in circus school? Sounds like a pretty unique style of training.

T-Nation: Wow, that's pretty cool stuff! So what do you do now and what are your goals for the next few years?


T-Nation: Speaking of showbiz, where do you stand on doing nudity for magazines or movies? Would you take it all off or is that too slippery of a slope for up-and-coming models and actresses?

T-Nation: It most certainly does. Let's talk training. Give us an overview of a typical weekly training schedule.

T-Nation: Okay, how about you tell us what you did this past week in the gym?

T-Nation: Interesting. What exercises do you think women should always perform, but seldom do?

T-Nation: Really? Do you find that women need more leg training than men? Or is it just that the lower body is harder to develop for females?

T-Nation: Your competition weight is 130 pounds and in your off-season you reach 150 at 5' 2". You're in amazing shape, but some women would cringe at seeing anything over 120 on the scale.


T-Nation: What annoys you when it comes to females and weight training?

T-Nation: Do you do any cardio at all?

T-Nation: Tell us about your diet.

T-Nation: What types of foods do you consider key to helping you build and maintain a great body? Any favorites or must-have staples for the weight training female?

T-Nation: Any drawbacks to being in the fitness and modeling biz?

T-Nation: I hear that some of the contest organizers and federations have asked that all competitors, especially females, lose some muscle mass. Sounds like they're politely telling competitors to back off the steroids and other drugs. Do you think that's the real message?

T-Nation: And beards on women can be a turn-off as well. So, where can T-Nation readers go to find out more about you and, of course, drool over more photos?

T-Nation: We'll do that. Thanks for the chat, Moorea!