METABOLIC DRIVE Metabolism Boosting Award Winning Protein

Metabolic Drive® fat-burning protein is a unique blend of thermogenic micellar casein and fast-acting whey isolate, making it ideal for building muscle and losing fat. The best-selling formula also tastes so good that high-end food companies and smoothie bars use it to make their products. It’s the “secret ingredient” for delivering a genuinely fortified gourmet experience that’s impossible to get from solid foods alone. Metabolic Drive® protein also provides a blend of the most technically advanced and highest-quality proteins, making it the ultimate muscle building, performance-enhancing tasty nutrition. Contains no hidden fillers.*


Flameout® Inflammation Scavenger contains the most potent and purest DHA and EPA triglycerides. These Omega-3 fatty acids are highly concentrated from fish oil, purified by molecular distillation, and stringently tested for PCBs, dioxins, mercury, and other heavy-metal contaminates. Flameout® fish oil is self-emulsifying, making it better absorbed and virtually odorless with no aftertaste. And it’s double or triple the potency of most fish oil.*

SURGE Workout Fuel

Surge® Workout Fuel pumps critical nutrients into muscle that stimulate protein synthesis, reduce catabolism, buffer lactate, delay fatigue, and provide sustained energy for any intense or high-volume workout or competition. It’s an elite supplement made for elite athletes and anyone who trains like them. So if you’re serious about training and want to double the results of your hard work, then this formerly “secret supplement” is available to you.*

Micellar Curcumin

Turmeric curcumin is arguably the most effective natural inflammation fighter and heart-health supplement. Biotest's Micellar Curcumin® formula contains solid lipid curcumin particles that produce 95 times more free curcumin in the bloodstream than highly pure, standardized curcumin with piperine (Gota VS et al, 2010). The formula's solid lipid curcumin particles are backed up with convincing science, invented by neuroscientists at UCLA, funded by the University of California (Oakland) and the Federal Government, and supported by peer-reviewed research on humans patented (9,192,644).


Biotest’s Superfood contains 18 potent whole-food extracts of non-GMO berries, fruits, and vegetables freeze-dried and concentrated into a tiny 5-gram serving. Based on USDA standards, you’d need 10-12 servings of high-quality berries, fruits, and veggies to match Superfood’s power to neutralize free radicals. Superfood also contains an array of phytonutrients chosen for their unique health benefits:*

CARBOLIN 19 Anabolic/Lipolytic Agent

Forskolin is one of the most researched natural ingredients showing the most significant benefits for burning fat and building muscle. The Carbolin 19® formula contains Biotest-invented forskolin carbonate with enhanced absorption and action duration. You absorb more, and it lasts longer, providing even greater fat-burning/muscle-building effects.*

REZ-V Anti-Estrogen/Testosterone Support

Resveratrol is a natural polyphenol found in small amounts in red grapes and wine. Studies show resveratrol is a highly effective estrogen blocker and a potent aromatase inhibitor, minimizing negative estrogen effects and maximizing natural testosterone. Resveratrol also provides significant cardiovascular and neurological health benefits and activates fat burning. Two Rez-V™ softgels contain 600 mg of active pure trans-resveratrol, the type and amount required for an effective dose of this powerful science-backed ingredient.*

PLAZMA Reactive Pump

Plazma™ Reactive Pump is for elite athletes and serious bodybuilders and lifters whose hard-working muscles require advanced nutritional support. The Plazma™ formula produces a high-performance pump making muscles fatigue resistant and stronger during the most brutal workouts and competitions. Plazma™ doses enable you to perform at and beyond your limits while recovering faster, and faster recovery means faster and more significant gains.*

INDIGO-3G Nutrient Partitioning Agent

Indigo-3G® cyanidin 3-glucoside (C3G) is a naturally occurring anthocyanin (flavonoid) with many researched-backed benefits for leanness and health. C3G shrinks fat cells and limits fat storage while increasing and enhancing calorie-burning brown adipose tissue.* C3G profoundly enhances glucose uptake in muscle fibers instead of being stored as fat.* It even mimics the life-extension effects seen in calorie-restricted diets.* All of these effects and many more make C3G an essential supplement.

I-WELL Immune Support

There’s great interest in safe and natural substances that strengthen the innate immune system. The term for this effect is “trained immunity.” Biotest used trained immunity as its design goal when developing the I-Well™ formula by including four potent compounds proven to fortify immunity: beta-1,3-glucan, lipidized turmeric curcumin, EGCG, and microencapsulated Vitamin D3.*

ELITEPRO Vital Minerals - Fully Chelated

ElitePro™ minerals fill your nutritional gaps. Our minerals are fully chelated, ensuring hardcore athletes have the energy systems, protein synthesis, hormone production, bone density, insulin sensitivity, and blood-sugar management required for elite-level performance. The formula includes five key minerals – magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, and vanadium – assuring your mineral-supported biology is optimized and running at full speed.*

ALPHA MALE Elite Testosterone Booster

The Alpha Male® formula stimulates your body’s natural testosterone production. Research shows authentic extracts of Malaysian Eurycoma longifolia, Bulgarian Tribulus terrestris, and forskolin significantly boost hormone production and energy, increase muscle and strength, and reduce body fat. Alpha Male® testosterone booster is the ultimate male elixir.*


Biotest's Mag-10® supplement is not a traditional protein powder by any means. The formula contains unique casein hydrolysate (made of small-chain peptides) that transports directly into the bloodstream without further breakdown. These fast-acting peptides stimulate amplified protein synthesis, boost muscle gains, and burn fat at a rate far beyond other proteins. The formula also contains cluster dextrin, a research-backed carbohydrate known for increasing metabolic rate and performance in elite athletes. The combined effect of these two powerful ingredients makes the Mag-10® formula ideal for anyone wanting to make advanced body-composition changes quickly. You should feel the metabolic heat from each dose and start seeing faster muscle gains and fat loss.

P-WELL Prostate Support

The P-Well™ supplement is different from most formulas in that you won’t have to take it on faith that it’s working. It’ll show you it’s working by how it positively changes your life with stronger urine streams and more efficient bladder emptying. You could also enjoy a better sex life with more blood flow into the penis. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, P-Well™ supports the overall health and function of the all-too-vulnerable prostate.*
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