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The older and wiser you get, the more you start to realize there are certain "universalities" common to successful outcomes in all of life's endeavors. These realizations are as certain as the law of gravity, albeit less obvious. You should know and understand these common threads because they make success less random and more predictable.

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The Cat's Lair 5

Q & A with John Paul Catanzaro

Massive Eating Reloaded - Part 1

An update to Dr. Berardi’s eating plan that called for high calories and a unique macro combining protocol. Check it out.

Precision Pulling

The 9 keys to pulling bigger, badder deadlifts.

The Creation Continues

About 2 years ago, we asked one of our resident nutrition and supplement gurus, John Berardi, to give us a peek into his training journal. While best known for dispersing dietary dogma, JB has built a rock-solid physique from countless hours of fraternizing with heavy dumbbells and barbells.

Texas T

Hillbilly Dichotomy

The Real World (of Physique Research) - Part 1

In the first part of this three-part series, Cassandra will cover the interesting abstracts related to dietary fat, fat metabolism, and gender differences.

Covering Your Nutritional Acids (and Bases)

While I do my best try to stay abreast of the latest nutrition and supplement research, once in a while I find myself totally ignorant to an important topic or sound body of literature.

Restriction Contradiction - Part 1

How to calculate your energy needs so you can lose fat without wrecking your metabolism or losing muscle.

Ab Training for Athletes and Babehounds, 2K3

New exercises, new format, new pain!

  • Abs
  • Hungry, Hungry Hormones - Part 1

    We here at T-Nation just love them-there hormones.

    The Sex Cult of Venice Beach

    If you've been with "Testosterone Magazine" since the beginning, you know that we've posted a lot of controversial articles. We've aimed a flood light on areas that many would have preferred we'd left dark.

    The End of Dietary Supplements

    An Interview with Attorney Rick Collins

    Behind the Iron Curtain

    Soviet Training "Secrets" to Spark New Muscle Growth

    Ab Training for Athletes and Babe Hounds

    Become a better athlete by training your abs like this. Side effect: You’ll also look awesome. Check it out.

  • Abs
  • Biceps, Fast or Slow?

    A Research Study Analysis

    Cheat to Win

    How to cheat on your diet and look even better

    The Road to 600

    This isn't your typical training article. Instead, it's more of a glimpse into what it really takes to achieve a specific goal - in this case a 600 pound bench press. Still, you're sure to pick up a few training tips along the way.

    Awesome Abs – Stage 4

    12 Weeks to Astounding Abdominals

    GH: The Untold Story

    How to lose fat and gain muscle with low doses of growth hormone

    Specialization Periodization

    How to Gain (or Lose) Muscle

    The Protein Insider

    An Inside Look at the Protein Business

    The Winning Formula - Part 1

    How to manipulate diet and exercise to look great naked

    Escalating Density Training - Phase 2

    "The sheer effectiveness and brutality of the EDT program does not come across in the written word. This is a TOTAL gym experience"

    Chemical Solution

    The Lowdown on the Latest in Bodybuilding Chemistry