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Program Design for Dummies

Designing your own resistance training program can be about as confusing as organic chemistry, or trying to figure out why Brittany Spears married Kevin Federline. (Seriously, what's up with that?)

The New Alphabet of Manliness

I read a book recently called the Alphabet of Manliness. The author goes into vivid detail about why lumberjacks are awesome, how beef jerky is the best food ever, when it's acceptable to "sneak a peek," why Chuck Norris is a force to be reckoned with, and many other intricacies that embody manliness.

Soft Tissue Work for Tough Guys

Tough [tuhf], adjective: 1. strong and durable; not easily broken or cut. 2. capable of great endurance; sturdy; hardy. 3. hardened; incorrigible.

The Rule of 90%

When I was a pre-teen, I used to read a lot those Choose Your Own Adventure books.

Dieting Disasters

Needless to say I get HOURS of entertainment whenever I go out and listen to people's conversations; particularly when it involves the topic of dieting mishaps. Since I can't necessarily walk over to these two women and drop kick them, I decided to bust out my laptop and write an article about some of the more common dieting disasters that I often hear about or come across with my own clients.

Dude, Where's Your Calories?

There's a right way to eat when you're trying to gain muscle, but it doesn't involve eating enough food to feed Kirstie Alley after she's smoked a bong.

Two-Day Workout

Between working 40-60 hours per week, carting the kids around, or being forced to take those swing dancing lessons you promised your girlfriend (we've all been there), the last thing on the "to do list" is going to the gym. Mr. G has the answer: the Two-Day Workout.

(De)-Constructing Computer Guy - Part 1

I hate to tell you this, but if you're reading these words, you're "computer guy" and it's likely you've got horrendous posture and a host of orthopedic ailments. It's also likely that you're doing things in the gym that exacerbate the problem. Here are some exercises and video clips that'll fix ya'.

(De)-Constructing Computer Guy - Part 2

Man, do these two know a lot about backs! They ought to open up a business and call it "Bed, Back, and Beyond," or "The Lumbar Yard." Anyhow, in part 1 of this article, they told computer guy how to train properly. Part 2 addresses what computer guy should do the remaining 23 hours of the day.

Limiting Factors

Here are 5 reasons why you're still a weenie. There are probably a bunch more, but we didn't think your ego could handle that many at once.

Nutrition For Newbies

We've no doubt you'll be printing this article to hand to friends and relatives, along with cute chicks you want to woo with your nutritional wiles. Even though it's presumably for newbies, the article contains a lot of "I didn't know that," moments for vets.

The Strong and Ripped Program

What's the goal of this program? To kick your ass, but you'll probably shed some fat and get a little stronger, too. All you'll need are a stop watch, one die (stolen from a Parcheesi game), and easy access to a puke bucket.

Training Disasters

Tony shoots apart training myths like they were ducks and he was a starving fat man sitting in a pond with a rifle. Read about the "other side of the core," deadlifting mistakes, and the pencil test. (You gotta' take the pencil test.)

The 2008 Alphabet of Manliness

From A to Z, Tony G's got some ideas about every bodybuilding, diet, and performance topic you can think of, not to mention some appealing notions about hottie Kate Beckinsale. A very cool, fun, and informative article.

Creating a Training Effect When You're Injured

You may be hurt, but it doesn't mean you can't train. Tony Gentilcore tells you how to work out, scream a lot, and still get a training effect while you're injured.

Stuff You Should Be Doing, But Aren't

The facts about program design that many lifters tend to overlook, or worse, ignore altogether.

Training Tips From A to Z

Tony is back with 26 new tips to advance your training and nutrition knowledge.

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Tips for Heavier Pulls

Nothing gets you more jacked (mentally and physically) than pulling eight plates or more off the ground.

Excelling at the Big Lifts

Tony Gentilcore's specialty, in his own words, is to make the technique of his trainees "less vomit in my mouth-ish." Let's see if he can do the same for your big lifts.

3 Total Body Programs for Big Arms

3 of our experts explain little-known secrets of arm training, along with presenting some serious total-body programs to build those suckers up.

Five Movements to Make You Hate Life

Learn how to do the goblet squat with pulse, the anterior loaded barbell step-up, and other movements that will make you monetarily hate life.

Squat Like You Mean It

If you ain't squatting deep, you're just taking up space in our power rack. Here's what you need to get low.

Bulletproof Your Body

Can you pass these simple tests? If not, you may be in trouble!

Tony G is Pissed Off

Tony's about to pop a blood vessel! He's watching people do moronic stuff in the gym and he's pissed!

Much Ado About Deadlifting

Coach G hits the spot with the most practical deadlift article you've ever read.