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Triple Threat

How to Build a 3-D Upper Body

The MacGyver Workout

The MacGyver TV show was about a guy who made complicated machines or devices out of ordinary things. For instance, he could take down a helicopter with a fan, a dough-scraper, and some duct tape. Similarly, he could use a light bulb to make a set of lock picks.

Accentuated Eccentric Training

You’ve probably never tried this training method. If your goal is size, you definitely should. Check it out.

Super Beast

Modern methods of strength development

Ab Training for Athletes and Babehounds, 2K3

New exercises, new format, new pain!

  • Abs
  • Game Plan

    How Often Should I Work Out?

    Rapid Fire

    This article will be somewhat different than those I usually write. Instead of taking on one subject and detailing it thoroughly, I'm going to talk about several training tips, exercises, or methods that I find effective.

    Keep Your Chin Up

    Mastering the chin-up means having the ability to do lots of solid, easy reps. Have YOU mastered it yet? Start here.

    Optimized Volume Training

    High volume training for muscle growth that will also get you stronger. Sounds good? Get the full program here.

    The Beast Evolves

    Coach Thibaudeau has always been strong. Here's how he got ripped. Get his 14 week plan here.

    Fun With Women!

    My new pastime (and how women should train)

    Running Man

    A running program that won’t cause muscle loss. In fact, it’ll help you gain muscle. Check it out.

    The Big Back Stack

    How to Build a Huge, Complete Back

    Canadian Cannons

    Build Bulging Biceps the Quebec Way!

    Bench Press Battlefield

    Manipulate the CNS and Tap Into Hidden Strength!

    Behind the Iron Curtain

    Soviet Training "Secrets" to Spark New Muscle Growth

    The Painful Seven

    The 7 best hamstring exercises you can perform at a regular gym.

    The Power Look

    How to build powerful traps that perform as good as they look.

    The Supercharger

    A closer look at the supplement that can improve your mind, your muscles, and even your sex life!

    Ab Training for Athletes and Babe Hounds

    Become a better athlete by training your abs like this. Side effect: You’ll also look awesome. Check it out.

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  • "Money" Exercises

    Here are the exercises that give you the most bang for your buck.

    3-2-1 Shoulders

    When it comes to weight training, the deltoids are unique.

    The Other Kind of Snatch

    The most successful strength and conditioning programs have this in common.