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The NPGL: America's Newest Sport?

Scoot over, CrossFit. Competitive fitness is on the rise. Could it become America's new team sport? You decide.

How to Get Better at Anything

Teach yourself to eat more vegetables, do more pull-ups, lift more weight, or anything else you think you should be doing. Here's how.

Sex, Lifting, and Sports Performance

Should you really abstain before a big game? How does sex affect T levels? And do women really have better workouts after? The answers here.

4 Sleep Strategies for Athletes

Sleep like a baby, perform like a beast. Here are four cool sleep strategies to get the job done.

Fascinating Facts About Sleep

When you go to sleep, some pretty amazing things start to happen. You may be surprised.

Fight the T-Killing Toxins

Your environment could be making you look soft and lady-like. Here's how to fight the T-lowering toxins.

How to Become a Personal Trainer

Strength Coach Tim Henriques takes an objective look at the education options available to the next generation of fitness professionals.

3 Mind Power Tricks

Chris "Mindfreak" Shugart presents three psychological concepts that you can apply to your physique transformation goals. Practice these methods and you can make your enemies' heads explode just by concentrating (well, almost).

The 4 Stages of Mental Mastery

There are 4 stages to mastering your mind. Are you "unconsciously incompetent," "unconsciously competent," or do you fall somewhere in between? Chris Shugart explains how to climb the mental ladder.

Listening to Cialis

"Sorry, this has never happened to me before."

The Plastic Surgeon

Bruce Nadler has seen more boobs than you.

Hormonal Optimization Through Sleep

How about a boost in muscle growth, fat loss, and recovery? How about getting a more restful sleep while doing so? The following tips can help to optimize hormonal output to help with our body composition and performance, <i>and</i> make us feel better while doing it!

The Transition

When you look out over the fitness and bodybuilding community, you see two basic categories of people. Each category is defined by whether or not the person in it has made "the transition."

Things You Didn't Know About Sleep

Here's another well-referenced investigation by our friendly neighborhood warrior nerd, offering facts and tips on what might just be the reason for your progress stalemate. This is one article in which the author will actually feel better if you fall asleep while reading it!

Whispers from a Voyeur's Camera

You're not supposed to be here. In this motel room, in this bathroom, backstage at this show. You aren't supposed to be seeing this. This private moment, this intimate setting, this unguarded emotion.

The Fahrenheit Girl

Who's That Girl?!

The Secret Weapon

An interview with Dr. Jack Singer, Sports Psychologist

Meditation for Muscle

This is the type of article you're either going to love or hate.

Mental Muscle

The Psychology of Body Transformation and Peak Performance.

The Big Sleep - Part 2

Snooze Your Way to Bigger Muscles and Less Fat!

The Big Sleep - Part 1

Snooze Your Way to Bigger Muscles and Less Fat!

The Psychology of Big – Part 2

Freud Pumps Up

The Psychology of Big – Part 1

A Brief History of Mind Over Matter

The Sex Cult of Venice Beach

If you've been with "Testosterone Magazine" since the beginning, you know that we've posted a lot of controversial articles. We've aimed a flood light on areas that many would have preferred we'd left dark.

The Microcurrent Revolution

Another piece of the bodybuilding puzzle?