Tip: Trap Bar Power Pulls

The power pull using a hex bar with high handles is a great alternative to Olympic lifts for taller lifters who want to build explosiveness.

In most schools of thought, cleans and snatches involve the lifter actually leaving the ground. That's tough to do if they're not good at deadlifting in the first place, and even tougher to do if they decide to pull from blocks (since they'll have to be that much more explosive due to a shorter pulling space).

Using a trap bar and performing power pulls solves this problem. The high handles allow for a much needed extra 5 or so inches of added height to the bar, and the hex bar setup accommodates taller lifters for whom barbell deadlifts can be geometrical torture.

Key Points

  1. Don't involve the arms. The elbows shouldn't bend.
  2. Land in the same spot from where take off occurred. Don't jump forward or backward.
  3. Lower the bar fairly quickly, as though it's being magnetically pulled to the floor.
    Pause, let the bar settle, and repeat.
  4. Focus on sets of 4-8 reps.