Tip: Trap-Bar Deadlift – 1RM Standards

For real-world performance, here's how much athletic men and women should be able to lift.


Trap bar deadlifts are the king of all exercises for high-performance lifters.

Trap-Bar Deadlift

Performance Standard: 1RM

  • Males: 2.5 x bodyweight
  • Females: 2 x bodyweight

Here's why you should be doing them:

1. Performance

Strength in the trap bar deadlift is a direct byproduct of how much force can be exerted into the ground, which – all else being equal – is the primary determinant of sprint speed and jump height. Trap bar deadlifts also involve the same exact starting position as a vertical jump as well as the same lower-body actions involved during hip extension.

2. Anti-Fragility

Considering that trap bar deadlifts build titanic strength in the entire lower half as well as the upper back and core – areas that are pivotal for remaining healthy – this makes them a phenomenal exercise for bulletproofing the body against injury.

3. Strength and Muscle of Course!

Since trap bar deadlifts are the ultimate squat-hinge hybrid, they hit the posterior chain harder than squats and the anterior chain harder than deadlifts. Combined with their safety and simplicity, trap bar deadlifts are all but unmatched for packing on size throughout the entire lower half, upper back, traps, and forearms.

Charley Gould, CSCS, is a former professional baseball player and strength-and-conditioning coach. He specializes in helping individuals look, feel, and perform like elite athletes. Charley is the head of sports performance at Universal Athletic Club in Lancaster, PA. Follow Charley Gould on Instagram