Vital Proteins Collagen Water

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Reverse osmosis filtered water, 10 grams of collagen, blackberry juice and hibiscus extract, monk fruit extract. 16 pack.

Ever tried taking glucosamine and chondritin supplements to heal your aching joints? Notice much of anything? Me neither. Studies show that these popular supps just don't help much.

But collagen sure does. If you don't feel like mixing up collagen powder, or just don't like the taste, these grab-and-go bottled waters are handy. Each serving provides 10 grams of collagen along with a hint of fruit juice and no added sugar.

All of the Vital Proteins flavors are good, but the blackberry hibiscus really knocks my socks off... whatever the heck hibiscus is. What's that? It's a friggin' flower? Fine, I drink flowers now. Fight me. – Chris Shugart


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