Inov-8 Mens F-Lite 235 V3

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Lightweight and flexible. 4mm heel to toe drop for lifting. Welded toe bumper.

Inov-8 (innovate, get it?) designed these shoes for "functional movements" and "cross training" and included features to help you climb ropes and do burpees and box jumps without bashing up your toes. In other words, this is their take on a CrossFit shoe, though they must not be allowed to say that.

Whether you're a CrossFitter or not, this shoe looks great for all-around gym use. The wide toe box allows your little piggies to spread out naturally, providing a stable base for all kinds of lifting. And once you try a shoe with a wide toe box, you'll never go back to standard, cramped-toe shoes. – Chris Shugart


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