Tip: When Life Gets Hard, Work Hard

Successful lifters find comfort in discipline. Here's what you can learn from them.

Some lifters are relentless. They know what they want, make a plan to get it, and always follow through. They never seem to lose their passion for training and are always on track. In short, they get results.

But what separates the relentless from those who flounder and give up? Here's one thing: they welcome discipline. They find comfort in the familiarity of a physical challenge.

Going through a hard time? That's exactly when successful lifters train. Rather than griping about frustrations or waiting for them to pass, they'll channel their energy into something productive. And by doing so, they reap the rewards: A stronger will, a better body, and a job well done.

Clear the Fog

Stressful careers, social drama, tragic losses, moves, divorces, or just a vague sense of inadequacy – there's not a lot that'll knock a relentless person off his or her game plan. They sweat, they grind, they push themselves, they lose their breath, and they focus. And when it's all over they've cleared away enough mental fog to see the more optimistic side of whatever they're facing.

Weak People: Addicted to Victimhood

Working hard when life gets hard makes people more resilient. Complaining, wallowing in self-pity, and blaming others in the face of difficulty gets people addicted to victimhood. That adopted attitude of weakness can spread like a cancer. It causes learned helplessness and habitual pussification.

When life gets hard, work hard. Fight back, kick your own ass before anyone else has the chance – you'll steal their power. Can you think of a better remedy when life's circumstances have you feeling powerless?

Once the dust settles with tough issues, the relentless find it even easier to double down. Their inner dialogue tells them that if they were able to muster up discipline during the hard times then they sure as hell can't relinquish their power when life gets easier.

Get Immersed

Apply your work ethic to your workout. Don't give anyone the opportunity to think of you as lazy, distracted, inefficient, or weak... and don't give yourself that opportunity either. Embrace the work part of your workout. Get immersed in it.

None of this "make exercise so fun you don't know it's exercise" crap. It's work, dammit. It's hard, and it pays off every time. Don't think workouts need to be hopscotch, hula-hoop, or Zumba in order to be enjoyable.

"Fun" workouts can consist of PRs, muscle pumps, brutal time under tension, bloody shins, breathlessness, and torn calluses. Get tough and a funny thing happens: life gets easier.