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Pullup Big Guys Use Bad Form
Today What's called "cheating" by the form police may be just what you need to add some serious size.
"It used to take me five days to recover from a hard workout. Now, I'm able to train seven days a week, and chomping at the bit to hit legs twice."

Diet & Fat Loss

Meadows-back The Bulking Diet Delusion
04/15/14 No male needs to get above 12% body fat to gain muscle at an optimal rate. A "dirty bulk" will just wreck your body over the long haul.


Mdbaker1 Micro-PA™ Directly Activates and Amplifies Hypertrophy
01/24/14 Stimulate muscle growth by activating mTOR, which is the master enzyme responsible for muscle protein synthesis.

Powerful Words

Beware the Master Debater
04/22/14 The newest internet expert disregards in-the-trenches wisdom from big, successful lifters and coaches. He's great at debating, but not so great at building muscle. Do you even lift, bro?