The Zercher position (barbell in the crooks of the elbows) can be used for squats and deadlifts. The Zercher deadlift is much like the Zercher squat, but an additional phase is added to the beginning: a deadlift to the thighs.

Like the squat version, the Zercher deadlift will build the traps, strengthen the abs, increase glute and quad activation, improve the front squat, and even work the biceps.

Every rep is a two step process:

  1. Deadlift the barbell to the front of the thighs. From there you take the Zercher position.
  2. Arch your back and stand up with it, like a Zercher squat. Then reverse the motion.

Note: Few people can do this from the floor because of mobility and leverage limitations, but you can either start it in the power rack or on blocks so that the bar is under the knees.

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